Industrial Compactors

Compactors are a perfect solution for businesses that regularly produce large amounts of standard solid waste.  Industrial compactors offer the convenience of a dumpster combined with a storage space greater than a standard rolloff container.  This is a cost-efficient method of waste removal for businesses such as shopping centers, commercial retailers, industrial facilities, grocery stores, and apartment complexes.

The Benefits of a Compactor

Compactors offer a cost savings due to the fewer number of pickups that are required.  Waste is compacted into tight, condensed loads, which allows you to store more waste than a traditional rolloff container.  Another benefit compactors offer is a degree of waste security.  A compactor is designed to be an isolated and locked system, which offers security that many businesses find invaluable.  Call us at (806) 371-0120 or email us to learn more about our line of compactors.